Over the past decade we have worked with clients of all sizes and in different levels of business. Some have been in business for years (with no online presence) and some who are just getting started in business. No matter where you are in your business, you need a web site. If you’re going to take the step to get a web site, don’t risk your business’ reputation by trying to do it yourself. YOU NEED TO OUTSOURCE YOUR WEB SITE DESIGN.

Here is my list of the top 5 reasons you need to outsource your web site design.

  1. Time – is MONEY. You get to a point where you have to ask yourself; “How long is this site going to take me (at my skill level to create”? Lets just put it this way: You don’t want to pay someone to build the website for you cause its going to cost $2000-5000 and you don’t want to spend that money. What if, it takes you 4-5 months to learn and build the site yourself, when you could have paid someone to get it all done in two weeks or less? That is 3-4 months of marketing and potential money making the site could have been doing. My guess is you could have made back your 2 g’s much quicker having the site done by a professional. And that brings me to my last point: You spend 4-5 months doing the site design yourself and you end up with an “average” looking design. Would you buy from your site? So then you may be back to the drawing board before you even get to start marketing the site. Again, TIME IS MONEY!
  2. Are you a website designer or a business owner? This one is very simple to understand. You are a business owner. You do not need to be wasting your time learning to program or design sites. (this one kind of ties into the first one, but you get the point)
  3. Professionalism. Do you have the “branding” skills needed to create a professional looking logo for your site? Think about Coke, Pepsi, or UPS. You can instantly think of the colors they use and what thier logo looks like. Can you do this for your site? Bottom line, to compete you want to get it done right. And get it done right the first time!
  4. Branding. I know I just talked about “branding” in the previous one, but its one all in itself if you ask me. Do you know what colors to use? What font styles to use? Why does McDonalds use Red and Orange for thier colors? Do you have the ability to make everything look consistant? From online to offline printed material, even down to the logo that will appear on the business card.
  5. You got better things to be doing when setting up a business. Lets face it, when setting up a business there is more to it then just designing a site. You have to think of stuff like … joint ventures, online marketing, offline marketing, business set up (tax number, business name, and accountants … maybe even setting up a legal team) to think about (even much more then that)! Do you really want to be learning PHP and HTML when you got all these other things to be doing?

Something I know is a fear in regards to all this is your ability to be in control of the site. You need to make sure you are using a reputable web design firm that will teach you everything you need to know about running and maintaining the site yourself. Before you ever sign on the dotted line, make this point clear to them!