ODI is a full-service creative marketing and design agency.  Our strength lies in the ability to understand our clients’ vision and create powerful imagery that will move our clients’ target markets on an emotional level, and drive targeted Web traffic to our clients’ web site.  Our goal is to help our clients’ grow their brand online.

Specific areas we help our clients include:

  • Interactive Marketing Strategy
    Before we begin any designing or coding, a structured interactive marketing strategy must be created.  Without a strong plan, our clients brand won’t grow.  Learn More
  • Analytics and Optimization
    Good design and online experiences combined with the right traffic will produce good results.  ODI will help you understand Web analytics and how to optimize your website so you can get the results you want.     Learn More
  • Online Public Relations
    Public Relations helps communicate a company’s message.  Online PR spreads that message to a Web audience and search engines without any affect to the quality of a company’s website content.  Learn more

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