We did it.  We FINALLY DID IT.  We have launched our new company web site.  But that is not all.  After listening to the feedback of our clients and others, we have shortened our name from Oasis Dreams Interactive to just ODI.  That meant a new logo that we feel is simpler and easier to remember.

Our new web site goes more with our new beliefs and services.  We have worked hard for over a decade to be successful at what we do, but we realized that our success could only come from the success of our clients.  So our focus changed to doing all that we can to help our clients grow and be successful by being their partner.  We will continue to offer top-notch service, and have added more offerings to help our clients get better ROI from their Internet presence.

So, if you are wanting to better your brand and grow your business, especially in these economic times, let ODI and our professionals help your business.